Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poem number 219

I come to you today as a flawed and humble sinner
My sins are not my soul
(still a beginner)
but like scars and birthmarks
sin enhances character
nudity stark
fresh with individuality
played fetched with a life that won't chase me
everlastingness comes to hither
heaven was born in my soul
as the outside withered
(still a beginner)
my love is a frosty winter
barren white
bears hibernate, but the cubs just hide
from nakedness
covered only by a canopy of faith
the bass are swimming up God's lake
as I pull back the dark rain
tired of playing this murderous game
isolated recluse
am i learning from all these mistakes?
free will so badly abused
no sustenance in a lame excuse
i heard an angel agree
as Jesus went fishing for me
the hook made the final decree
absentee bears no guarantees
for my vote will never be cast
i'm just the last drop of lust
in the devil's flask
i learned the lesson
but left long before the aftermath
never look back, never look back

-Jessica Robbins (c)

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