Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yellow is the Color of Friendly Flight

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"He who understands nature walks close with God." -Edgar Cayce reading 1904-1

There are days I feel like a tiny yellow butterfly. It's not the most beautiful or impressive flying creature, and because it's yellow, most privy to the symbolism in colors of roses, may even associate the yellow butterfly with a token of friendship. Relationship hunters lose more romances to platonic friendships than countries lose citizens to wars. It's happened to me, maybe it's happened to you too. In this loss, after enough tears have been cried, you are further prepared for victory. Victim hood does not serve anyone, prevailing and rising from the ashes as a servant is the greater wonder. Jesus was not on the cross shouting, "I am a victim! Woe to me I am the victim of satanic acts and insults!" No. Rather He said "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."

I didn't document my dream today. I still remember it perfectly. I simply wasn't in the mood to mess with it this morning. A yellow butterfly fluttered past my window, through my wilting garden, and I watched in buttery distraction as it danced over the last traces of blooming flowers. If I am functioning at an optimum level, I try to do yoga in the early light and imagine I am the butterfly...no serious responsibilities aside from pollinating the flowers. Sunlight is a super beneficial vitamin to drink in the mornings, but today, after the butterfly flew from sight, I settled for mid-morning kick boxing session in the kitchen as I was waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. Kicking the air helps me to clear it. I'm an air sign, commonly confused with a water sign, but I hear Jesus was a Pisces, so I'd be happy to let a fish swim into my jar of water anytime. I suppose I bear the water so I can bear the walk.

Just as His walk offers us comfort and guidance, so too does nature furnish us with divine guidance and displays of angelic affection. We only need be properly tuned in to conscientious observation. A cloud that forms in the shape of a totem animal, a single bird that flies over your path, the way the water rushes around an immovable rock in the stream---all emblems of heaven. My angels wouldn't send me a spunky yellow butterfly as a slap in the face that I often get demoted to the status of being a casual friend rather than a storybook lover. No. They were merely reminding me that they are the only friends who don't fall spineless to fair weather. At the end of life and a long day, most friends are fair weather and will exclude you when it suits their purpose or caters to superficial comfort of judging you. It gives their ego an injection of worth to feel as though they are more superior in some way. In feelings of superiority, we lose the structure and blessing of equality. What the anointed savior is, I am and you are. This is the embodiment of equality---becoming the teacher after enduring the long suffering contained in doses of life's lesson. In these classrooms were are granted harmony of compassion towards all of the worlds pupils.

God and the angels will never ostracize you or withhold intervention when you need a miracle or understanding. We all succumb to rotten phases in life, go through funks of sadness, or have days when our dreams don't even seem worth recording, but all in all, if the dire lessons are avoided or downplayed, they do not go away. That is a lesson all must recognize. The lessons we ducked and ran away from will continue to return until they are processed in a manner that glorifies God. This is why reincarnation is an option for all souls. By turning our backs on what we are here to learn on this equal holy ground, we are denying the sacred contracts we have incarnated to fulfill. The holy land is not a place in Israel, it is wherever a child of the light is. His lessons are sure to follow. Enjoy learning, don't view it as a daunting task but an exciting rite of passage, like the journey of betrayal in the garden that lead to carrying the cross. Had this Cross not been lifted, neither would His soul been lifted on the third day. By postponing what God asks us to learn, we are only stalling our own Ascension into the truth. Don't live as though God will come later, don't turn away from reconciling your crosses, but live as though he is here, learning with you now. You don't have to pass your tests in a single step; pause frequently to watch each tiny yellow butterfly so you may understand that some creatures are only granted three days to learn how to fly.

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