Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Reason of Dreaming

When becoming involved in the art and expression of dreamwork, it is critical to understand that while the two worlds are separated, they are inextricably linked. God is the thread connecting the two. It is not uncommon to meet with your higher self or the higher selves of others in this mostly neutral environment. Your higher self seeks to unite with you in your sleep, it is your complimentary counterpart and it is on a constant quest to make you a more dignified and loving human being, on all dimensions. The higher self does not guard against petty feelings of shame, but embodies and whispers undeniable truth. While conscious, people are capable of lying, but while asleep, their protective defenses are temporally disabled, which permits the truth to escape through their higher, divinely loyal astral selves. Lying is a non-functional, useless defense under dreaming conditions.

In many of my respective dreams, the characters have come to me in a manner of confession and have revealed highly personal, almost damning evidence of their morally questionable activities while awake. It's comparable to seeing the essence of a guilty conscious. In reality, these people might have hidden their motives or intentions because they were false and impure, but the dream world is projected by the laws of God, a law mainly consisting of the indestructible fibers of unconditional love and truth. Just as the real world was crafted to provide a place for the souls of men to advance, the dream world was also provided as a safe location for spiritual minds to become more in tune with the first cause of Christ. The real world is not a safe place, many have died in pursuit of defending their religious beliefs, but the threat of judgment and death is non-existent when we are under cognitive sedation and here we are finally free to be who we truly are, away from the incessant evaluation and external pressures of impossibly worldly expectations. Hence, the more spiritually adept and absent of ego we become, the more we harness the power to dream the truth, despite any deceptive circumstances or frauds the real world my use to prevent full disclosure. The act of flying into a dream is similar to the concept of Jesus walking on water. He was able to do so because he is clear of conscious and this equates to being weightless. We are clear and weightless in our dreams because we are no longer obligated to carry heavy personalities that interfere with coded spiritual functioning of the ever-seeking soul. If we are willing, we begin to reconcile that the reason for dreaming is not merely for regulating self, but the reason is to coordinate and equalize our lives with that of God's master plan.

The dream world is not merely a dream, it is much like taking a journey to being "In God's know." God's know extends well beyond clusters of material time that tangle and dictate humanity. The truth is threatening to people who may be superficially dependent or over focused gratifying vanity and greed, which is why dishonest, unawakened people are frequently threatened by the accuracy of the dreamworld and psychic dreamers come under attack.

C.S. Lewis said it best when he described the notion of men not owning their lives or souls.

"And all the time the joke is that the word 'Mine" in its fully possessive sense cannot be uttered by a human being about anything. In the long run either Our Father or the Enemy will say 'Mine' of each thing that exists, and specially of each man. They will find out in the end, never fear, to whom their time, their souls, their bodies really belong--certainly not to them, whatever happens."

People operate as though they own their own lives, but they do not. I have the ability to see pieces of other people's lives from the dream standpoint, because they do not have exclusive rights to the scenes of their lives. Any closed minded person would become defensive and object to this, but what it boils down to is that they have no control over the power of God. In the boundless dream haven, God has granted us a portal and the discerning ability to escape the fetters time and the devil of celebrity and political propaganda, all within the comfort of rejuvenating sleep. In sleep, we are free to escape from possessive ideals of ownership and explore creation far more expansive than the waking mind can conceive. We are no longer subject to what others want us to think or feel or perceive, but instead are graced by the celestial interpretation of the real world. The most hardened egos are softened and honest in the dreamworld--which is probably why I have come to thrive and savor all of my transactions in the realm.

Dreaming can improve the substance and principals woven throughout all of our lives, if we trust our unconscious higher selves and our guides and come to this place without social masks or flags to claim something as "ours" or "mine." A sleeping mind is a more open mind, it is while we are awake that many are still truly asleep, in self-serve mode. "I need this... it has to be this way" we scream such things when we are awake, but once our minds rest, the ability to justify and rationalize dissolves and then clarity can finally begin to breathe and be released. It requires a place to be released, no human can contain the truth in a lying mind, and so the purity of the soul seizes the opportunity in rest to release toxins--all through the gateway of a dream. Even the damning ignorance of life goes to sleep--while ignorant bodies are asleep---and only once their ignorance is sleeping can God and the angels try to correct them with gentle enlightening dream counseling. God lovingly corrects those He loves, but often, the realism of conversation and self-glorification, hinders the soul's ability to listen to the peaceful stillness.A helpful prayer before dreaming would be,
"God, when I fall into your arms to sleep, please show me the way you would have me proceed in a manner that pleases you. Please help me to rid myself of anything that does not serve your greater glory. Please grant me the wisdom to see the view of your truth and help me to let go of my excuses and irrational emotions. And always let your will be done and not my own."
After you wake up, always thank God and the angels for granting and sending healing dreams. Many people do not dream or cannot see at all because they have become so blocked and consumed by heated demands of a negative reality. Dreaming is truly a sacred gift, if you are blessed with such a gift, express gratitude frequently, it makes the angels happy to know that you have recognized the way they have intervened in your dream life on God's behalf.
As you begin to fall in love with the dreaming process and develop your new found abilities to see all sides of the truth, affirm to yourself and be ever aware of the instruction to "be still and know He is God." If you can accomplish this in your sleep, you discover there is no need to run from the characters chasing you because you now have the ability to confront them with the holy truth. If you can master the law of being still and knowing in your sleep, it will be easier to naturally apply the laws of heaven while conscious, thereby making you a cosmically informed protector of the integrity of God's will. And God said let there be beautiful dreams, and it was good. Happy dreaming!

By Jessica Robbins

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