Monday, May 31, 2010

I woke up, in a jungle tree
Heard a trail of faint screams
He ignored the lunacy
His focus fell graciously
Upon the better woman in me
He looked down, all deliciously
Threw a dandelion smile on me
His thoughts were bold
But he eyed my soul so innocently
Like a harmless, gentle stream
Trickling, he was restless in-between
Awake and sleep
and he knows, I like to dream
The mecca where
His thoughts become deeds

We were love bird fish
flying ever amiss
Circling infinity, our happiness was made
mirror of each other's bliss
In a moment, a simple exchange
Right beside me, was a hissy snake
The temptation stenciled on his face
No, no baby don't hesitate
If we wait, it will be too late
The branches of fate
were twisted like braids
held me in a boa daze
I was lost in his aqua kitty gaze
The only wrong mistake
is ever leaving this place
I wanted him to squeeze me
And cradle me raw
But now I’m just thankful for all I saw

Jessica Robbins (c) 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I feel like a child sometimes
still fresh and helpless
struggling to find play time
and stay selfless
the world is pouring with the selfish
mercy me, sucking down flesh
they probably won’t get this
and I can't explain why
I feel like his night time mistress

our dreams have no laws or lines
I see other lives running on a redeye
he was there, it was so divine
but now and then, he lies
I tried to love him but he said
“no, little girl, it’s fine
don't you know, what yours is only mine
that's how my greed rolls
if you love me just leave me alone
can’t you see girl?
It's a one man show
And I'm owned by
a messed up money home
My wife’s bitching down my throat
and I’m using you as a scapegoat
I’m high on self-glory and gloat
and I don’t give a fuck
if you and the baby go broke
so if you love me, let me know
and just leave me alone
God knows I’m flying on ego
and I have to let you go
if you love me, if you love me
just fuck off and leave me alone.”

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snakes made of white
Mermaids in the sky
swimming in an ocean of light
blessings hidden in the night
cosmic matrix of urgency
warfare too plenty

silence is a system of energy
silence, the source of sanity
in the silence
I am always listening
To Jeshua
his voice kinetically suspending thoughts of me
Aquarian twins enraptured in the trinity
of peace

it was a happily ever now kind of Halloween
by the second day
he wanted to marry me
I saw a sign
the sword is in the queen
peddle here my darling
I'll surely wear your wedding ring

christened by John in a holy dream
when I awoke, I heard the song of destiny
Jesus, Jesus the playful psychic tease

Jessica Robbins (c) 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

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This one seems all Mary/ Da Vinci esque to me for some reason...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The light is eclipsed by excessive decadence
and I know not where the honesty
of undying affection went
amnesty of men
harboring nostalgia of the dead
yearning for the precipitated end
the end of racing disgust in my head
a place of disaster and impending sin
my identity has betrayed an unfit friend
seaside, a suicide swim
his fucking voice pulled me in again
all of the other boats were the wrong size
he made me promise after eating ores of his lies
that I’d keep steering straight
in heaven’s eyes
ha, the fuck right
it was too little
too fucking late
that fire had long died

By scarlett sunrise,
the last of the lame sense in me
had cried and formed a pasty, dry disguise
I don’t know how my smile fools
so many fools
there is no fucking happiness in here
joy puked and smeared
restless in horrid company
company of the unkind
most of the blind
don’t even know they are blind
is there such purpose to heal?
my ghosts, their moans, echo more real
in a heaven not of me
for I am hell
I know not why the truth rings like Satan’s bell
maybe redemption is the final surprise
for negativity is surely unfurl and unwise
and so few know true compromise
but somewhere beyond the maze of the magi moon
covered in the misery of demon dreaded skies
our love is still alive
and well

Jessica Robbins (c) 2010