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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Excerpts from Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts

"Suffice it here to say that we have strong emotional experience, although it differs in a large measure from your own. It is far less limited and far more expansive in that we are also aware and responsive to the emotional "climate" as a whole. We are much freer to feel and experience, because we are not so afraid of being swept away by feeling.
Our identities do not feel threatened, for example, by the strong emotions of another. We are able to travel through emotions in a way that is not now natural to you, and to translate them into other facets of creativity than those with which you are familiar. We do not feel the need to conceal emotions, for we know it is basically impossible and undesirable. Within your system they can appear troublesome because you have not yet learned how to use them. We are only now learning their full potential, and the powers of creativity with which they are connected."

"Each reader is a portion of his or her own entity, and is developing toward the same kind of existence that I know. In childhood and in the dream state, each personality is aware to some extent of the true freedom that belongs to its own inner consciousness. These abilities of which I speak, therefore, are inherent characteristics of consciousness as a whole and of each personality."

"Our environment therefore is composed of exquisite imbalances, where change is allowed full play. Your own time structure misleads you into your ideas of the relative permanency of physical matter, and you close your eyes to the constant alterations within it. Your physical senses confine you as best they can to the perception of a highly formalized reality. Only through the use of the intuitions and in sleep and dream states, as a rule, can you perceive the joyfully changing nature of your own, and any, consciousness."

"Now, many of these freedoms are quite natural to you in the dream state, and you form dream environments often to exercise such potentials.You can learn to change your physical environment, therefore, by learning to change and manipulate your dream environment. You can also suggest specific dreams in which a desired change is seen, and under certain conditions these will then appear in your physical reality. Now often you do this without realizing it."

"The problems vary according to the system in which my pupil has his or her existence. In your system, for example, and in connection with the woman through whom I now write this book, initial contact on my part was made long before our sessions began.
The personality was never consciously aware of the initial meeting. She simply experienced sudden new thoughts, and since she is a poet, these appeared as poetic inspirations. At one time some years ago, at a writers' conference, she became involved in circumstances that could have led to her psychic development before she was ready. The psychological climate at that time, of those involved, initiated the conditions, and without realizing what she was about our friend [Jane] went into a trance.
I had known of her psychic gifts since her childhood, but the insights necessary were channeled through the poetry until the personality attained the necessary background that was needed in this particular case. In the affair just mentioned, therefore, I was informed and saw to it that the episode ended and was not pursued.
It was hardly an accidental performance, however. Quite without knowing it, the personality decided to try its wings, figuratively speaking. As a part of my work, therefore, I have been coaching the young woman in one way or another since her childhood - and all of this as a preliminary to the serious work that began with our sessions."
"When I enter your system, I intrude into three-dimensional reality, and you must interpret what happens in the light of your own root assumptions. Now whether or not you realize it, each of you intrudes into other systems of reality in your dream states without the full participation of your normally conscious self. In subjective experience you leave behind physical existence and act, at times, with strong purpose and creative
validity within dreams that you forget the instant you awaken.
When you think of the purpose of your existence, you think in terms of daily waking life, but you also work at your purpose in these other dream dimensions, and you are then in communication with other portions of your own entity, at work at endeavors quite as valid as those you are about in waking life.
When I contact your reality, therefore, it is as if I were entering one of your dreams."
"There is communication between these other realities and your own in your dream states, and a constant interaction between both systems. If there is any point where your own consciousness seems to elude you or escape you, or if there is any point where your consciousness seems to end, then these are the points where you have yourselves set up psychological and psychic barriers, and these are precisely those areas that you should explore. Otherwise you feel as if your consciousness is enclosed within your skull, immobile and constricted, and every lost thought or forgotten memory at least symbolically seems like a small death. And such is not the case."

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I found this CD when I was cleaning a few weeks ago and played the hell out of it again to reconnect with my inner child of the ‘90s.

Look into the hearts of those that apparently are successful in material things, and unless such successes are founded in the spirit of justice, mercy, love and long-suffering and brotherly kindness, they must fade and fall away. Yet if they are builded in those things that are the fruits of the spirit, they will grow and blossom as the Rose of Sharon. -Edgar Cayce Reading 531-3

Those who have come to the attitude of seeking physical gratification find that this is plain hell itself. -Edgar Cayce Reading 5250-1

Heaven? Where? Within the hearts, the minds, the place where Truth is made
manifest! Wherever Truth is made manifest, It gives place to that which is heaven-- those that seek and love truth. But it's a mighty hell for those that seek gratification of their own selves! -Edgar Cayce Reading 262-87

This is why one mustn't mistake thinking of heaven or hell as actual places or locations, neither up nor down per say, but these each are more as dreams in the regard that they can be as wonderfully loving and happy... or nightmarish and dark a state of mind as you would make and create within yourself! People who have been afflicted by or battled any kind of addiciton will likely tell you that it is very much like trying to conquer and climb out of an awful personal hell. Drinking, excessive or causal sex or what have you, these are quick means of satisfying impulsive urges and destructive desires within self. If you constantly desire alcohol and do not have the self-control to resist it, you will become a drunk. But if you replace the desire and the habit with even could very well become an Olympian. Replace it with nothing but good music and you could become a gifted musician. Replace it with the Spirit of Truth and you will became a channel for truth.

In this respect, any recovering addict must also be very careful and wary when entering relationships after getting sober. I know several people who have overcome some kind of addiction, only to hastily replace it with bad marriages or some kind of abusive relationship. They traded a love of alcohol for a love of the ongoing power struggles that tend to occur between men and women. Most people in recovery are vulnerable, they are afraid of making decisions for themselves or being in control of their own lives because for so long, the risky decisions and choices they made to get drunk or high-- hurt and damaged themselves. They are afraid of their own freedom because they abused it to alter themselves with sedatives or stimulants. So when they meet someone after being cured of their addiction, they replace it with lust for that person to distract or redirect the cravings and simply allow that person to dictate everything in their lives so they don't revert back to their old habits of coping.

To fulfill that purpose for which an entity, a being has manifested in matter is the greater service that can possibly be rendered.
Is the oak lord over the vine? Is the dollar weed beset before the tomato? Are the grassy roots ashamed of their flowers beside the rose?
All of the forces and details in nature are fulfilling rather their purposes to which their Maker, their Creator has called and assigned them into being...reflecting--as each soul, as each man and each should do in their particular sphere--THEIR concept of their maker!! -Edgar Cayce Reading 1391-1

To break this down, the reading is essentially saying that even those who do not believe in God, even terrorists and murderers who are more like weeds among the roses, they too have a natural purpose and a role to carry out. Different religions are much like different fruits. One may taste sweeter than the other, some may appear oddly shaped on the outside, but each has different nourishing qualities within that are mostly admirable and helpful, if only for the zestful spirit of fellowship and veins of truth they offer. One fruit is not better than or above any other, but you have to eat something should you hope to survive and grow and flourish. And just as fruits can rot, surely there are religions or people who claim to be religious individuals who in fact suffer from various forms of rot or disturbing infestation of unclean parasites and unhealthy desires. But not all of these are a fair or appropriate representation of the entire crop.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So, since I know you can't live without hearing the sound of my singing voice, I made this for you. I finally got my hands on a damn microphone, but the recording device on the laptop is crap, so sorry it sounds like I'm singing underwater. Sometimes my neighbors come out of their houses to listen to me. A girl I went to school with has since gone on to become a professional opera singer and I remember as children, we used to try and out sing each other on the playground. I bet I could still out sing her though. xoxo
“You cannot see a spirit sign for your eyes are full of carnal self.” And then Jesus speaks of people who had approached him and asked him to fly in order to prove himself the Christ, or to give them material things to purchase their devotion. Some of them said “If you give me this many coins, then I will believe” and Jesus said, “Faith is not something you can buy with coins and faith is not something you can sell for gold. You offer to exchange your faith for signs or riches.”

Spirit signs more often come through dreaming for this is when the soul is still and seeks the hidden path of light. I've heard many times that dreams always reflect yourself, but here again, speak for yourself, for my dreams do not merely contain self matter. If you are full of self, your dreams are much more likely to be self-involved also.
After I embraced my dream self as the real me, the dreams expanded beyond the realm of pettiness and anxiety. While many of the petty souls are awake, they seek personal satisfaction and material and worldly recognition, they seek validation to their ridiculous addictive habits and fruitless ways of life, they even seek others to laugh with them as they condemn others. They seek other people to share their obsessions with. But reception in the spirit is not found in vulgar fulfillment, nor even the appearance of friendship with people who promote the liars and servants of ego and self. It certainly cannot be found on the silver screens or magazine covers of the earth. These are the pages of flesh, these are the harbors where temptation comes to port to restock, and while you are flipping through the pages of flesh, the torch of the spirit is ablaze elsewhere for it cannot burn in your while you are fueling the carnal fires of arrogance and deception.
Some of them say to love life, but for many of them, the life they love is death and if they love this death and glorify that of the seven unclean spirits which brings death, they cannot have true life. I washed their feet, I shared the words of the Savior with them, I confessed all of my shortcomings and sins, I offered to help them cast out the demons, and they rejected me and denied me anyway and instead cast me out of their castle. So shook my foot dust off in the corners of their lands and dreams and walked away with Jesus. He and I accept such excommunication to try to make it on our own rather than endure the status quo or submit to their blind conditions.

I saw a window washer on the outside of a building in the mountains. He washed not the windows for others to see out, nor did he wash so that the light may stream through clearer glass, but he washed the windows so he could spy in on the nudity of the bride as she dressed for her wedding. I ran to the window to speak with him, but startled him so and he slipped and lost his grip on the ledge. He tumbled from the mountains and down to the snow below. I did not laugh at his stumble, but quickly ran down the stairs and into the street to assist him and dust him off and clean his wounds and then invited him inside. Once he was among the bridal party, he became distracted by appliances and fidgeted with other sources of energy rather than seeking the electricity he had within. He became fixated on an outlet, a manmade plastic contraption, and I spoke unto him, “Be not concerned with plugging into the world, but plug into the spiritual union of the bride and groom for what the bride and groom are, you are inside and in inner union is oneness in the Lord.”

“And what I do all men can do.” -Jesus

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I needed to do SOMETHING with my hair, but I wanted to keep it long, so I cut it to look like this...
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