Saturday, October 24, 2009

Somber Sonnet to Heavenly Horses

Into the garden of green life
snuggled under the jasmine vine
for a moment I was pacified
azure, unopened
tight-lipped Alice flowers
The fall crippled us
for a time traveler's hour
I am devious
for all the right reasons
but men still get me all wrong
i am old
but still too young
for the institution of song
I care for him
but I am still unloved
mortality is a nightingale
said the redhead, waking pale
whiter than an eye
colorless emotions
feathered over her faceless sky
forming what?
a game of charades heathens wrung dry
confined by life on a Saturday night
too weak and overexposed
yet in a grave of the unknown
destiny made her apologies
as faintness fasted on a smile
i walked to wonder a labyrinth mile
and two more days
a camel and an olive
pointed me in the right way
for a moment i was pacified
as splendor was magnified
shadows of the earth finally died
I had no where left to dwell
except in me
imbued, submerged in the watery well
immortal melody, i send above
wondering, wondering
where is my heavenly love?
I would offer the world to you
but the saddles are all hung up
the world is but a horseshoe
pales in comparison to the Mustangs
tame fleeing horses above
come swiftly to get me
heavenly, heavenly love

(C) Jessica Robbins

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