Thursday, November 17, 2011

if I asked you to leave
would you come protect me?
muster the capability
to fulfill my dreams
and be the only man for me

angel, all we need
is a little bit of mystery
and if you’d only ask
for a taste of simplicity
I would be your everything

I never thought
you would come to me
challenge me
baby readily
I know, I know
we were meant to be
be my everything

the highs and lows
are everlasting
in this chance we hold
I know, I know
you could be my everything

You revealed to me
the former grief
ever so deeply
dreaming away
in reprieve
the possibilities
the higher rings
you could be my everything

you could be the one
God sent to me
the man I was born to love
the angel of my dreams
I’d take away your hurt
remove the beams
eye to eye
I know, I know
you could be my everything

(c) Jessica Robbins

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