Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Final Emotion

I will hand life these crusts
leftovers of what I'd sooner forget
the crust of my worthless dreams
the ones that failed to erect
into a tender destiny
a home I will never know
a woman I will never be

the world is just a fame hungry whore
careless foes and friends demure
fake hair, fake names
no sooner do they carve their shame
into a moonlit star covered door
heaven is closed for now
tomorrow will come no more

for now, my celestial passion
a poison partly starved
teething for a delicate love
the darling I knew from afar

aimless little pasty me
tell me dreary angel
what is it you truly wanted to see?
was I a fool to think
you could ever just love me for me?
based on a bunch of passing dreams

I know all, but mostly i know
I am but a dusty spec
in the eye of a cosmic storm
a rainbow with no golden end
wasted and never fully seen

there is no shelter in a man
and hence no warmth
or fair fulllness to find in me
there is no heart without a taper worm
eating away at the flesh of a final emotion
the last thought to ever think
i licked the barrel a couple of times
and neglected to even blink
dancing closer to suicide’s brink

unreturned affection
go ahead and let the pistol glisten
forever tormented by his condition
illicit love pains
the one that got away
if only for failure to listen
the face he fears to ever caress
let alone mention
I came, I dreamt
in abounding good intention
and after I retire today
I shall love no more
and there will be no final redemption

-Jessica Robbins 11/9/11

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