Sunday, November 13, 2011

an undistinguishable moan
clamored and arose
from hellish burrows below
like a recluctant pan child
grows and grows
he would moan
he would moan

familiar he was, like a treasured secret sight
we would laugh for lucid hours
in the belly of a forgotten night
sounds I wear with contempt delight

but before long, he surrendered to the shadows
a shadow of material assuredness
and in the skies of Helios
the murderous ashes of a Hero
finally rest upon my soot stain toes

what purpose did he serve?
besides his selfish own
he resented his haggard face
and carried heavily his inner scold
when he got old
when he got old

he wore a cape down to my pillow
and his face had a curious glow
his voice was rather morose though
and he forged his very own soul
further into an empty union
from which nothing ever comes
and no man shall ever grow
never to grow
purity does not come
from a camel skank manipulative ho
one more mindless shopping trip
and all of his brains will surely blow!

fear not old caper man!
For your jilted fate has been foretold!
you will die unhappy and desolately old
regretting every dream
your husky heart, ever coy and eternally cold
failed to chase and still dearly longs to hold

awake, awake, for you not yet know
whether you are young enough still
to forsake that predictable restless life of woe

-Jessica Robbins (c) 2011

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