Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trust Compromised

A song kidnapped my heart
as trust was compromised
it's been locked away
reluctant prisoner
trapped and tied to yesterday
love is an expression
and i can no longer paint
the fingers from my heart
are connected the same

The truth was burned at the stake
trial by bills in rolls
my innocence was a field
billowing indigo
i thought trust was so unspoken
but it was bundled up and sold

Love is an expression
but I can no longer dance
the legs i used to ride with
were jousted off with his lance

trust put on a blindfold
and the horse was lead away
to a bank personified
the teller counted tokens
As the dream curled up and died
love is an expression
and i can no longer write
the hands i used were cut off
by the loathing inside

what's the point of a story
when trust is compromised?

Freedom was held at gunpoint
the music ran away with her soul
i had to give you up
you told me to let go
love is an expression
and I can no longer sing
my soul knew the song
and now that it's gone
I feel nothing

By Jessica Robbins (c)copyright 2009

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  1. Yes! Poet!...and for you...

    "sangham saranam gacchami"