Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dancing Heaven

as my spirit sank ever low
i tucked a jewel
of purple gray
under my pillow
crystal truth
make it stay
beyond this recluse
in a golden era of today

the night was starlit
like a dream in the sky
closely knit in my eye
my joy spilled over
like an endless cup of light
life was so happy
i begged God
never let me die

i know not when the end came
or if it still waits
like a child born too late
i remember waking
perfectly in his arms
tucked in knowing
sunrise alarm
ringing in amour
protected by love

drawing of a heart
carved in wooden care
missing point of a part
the star had his wear
i knew not what to say
pray words were made to spare
i knew not how lie
so i danced for him there
just so i wouldn't cry

before the guns broke out
and the rain turned to fire
halo of doubt
became a Christ cloud
eye to eye
his blue became mine
he never said it out loud
inwardly i felt his time, his life
closely knit are he and i
the thread holding
my spine to his mind
i still watch him sometimes
in a window we share
tied to each other
like we are a pair

a mirror, the same
image evoked
i saw his look in me
telepathic love note
written in threes
signature of heaven
a mother long ago wrote
before we received each other
before God spoke
to tell me goodbye

-Jessica Robbins

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