Friday, July 3, 2009

Destiny is a warrior fighting on my behalf
when the simpletons laugh, as they so often do
i will not contest the scrutiny
many more will be crucified in ways unseen
complaining changes hues
talking violets can be so rude
nails strapped on made into shoes
sharply worn devotion
will fight a good fight too
scary self lost only to the selflessness in you

rapid eye movement sleepy truce
compensated for slow sanctuary
i pulled the ace and ate the deuce
the roses blushed and drank their dew
is all that blooming necessary
with no religion left to prove
in a house of angels
floating past a mortuary
souls are marching two by two
second guess the last kiss
as I so often do
strength in numbers, alliance is this
at least it is when I'm with you

when these things i cannot control
control me instead
i stand accused
in the middle of my mind
i fill peaceful silence in my head
as i hear the talking dead
I turn the future up instead

destiny is a warrior fighting on my behalf
the first is here and the last is still last
elation is a river that will always run past
destiny is a warrior fighting on my behalf

By Jessica Robbins (C)2009

(I heard one of the angels say "I love the way she is integrated.")

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