Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chances of Survival

Visualizing chances of survival
a fleeting sight worth more to some than others
blue bruises spotted
million dollar legs
like a blueberry muffin
infiltrated by sage

He said soul mate
She said one date
meeker than a mouse
altercation rough house
one took a tumble down the stairs
I was there, I was there

Beer bottle flying through a window
crash! the glass on a white floor
Peach lipstick scrawled on a mirror
not in love, but a crude note to blare
whore beware, whore beware

pills spilled like salt
from a childproof bottle
her face was a woman with a grip
but a scared little girl lived within
covered in nails and balls of spit
unsure, sharing herself only to feel wanted

bringing anyone else happiness
always backfired on her
with a jammed revolver
she had vodka to spare
a knife was there, a knife was there

slash marks on the door
on her hand she wandered
naked into the hallway
threatening to take it all away

don't come any closer
the world doesn't care
I was there, I was there

(C) Jessica Robbins

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