Sunday, June 7, 2009

Looking Forward

instant chase of a tale that began in space
from a blue planet we came down
a colony advanced mother nature's chance
a race that met a sudden demise

i lived with him there by the vengeful tides
a place unseen by Godly means
we made love in a temple in the sky
he was the green on my ground
the purple light on my crown
he was the man of a boy who had died
the fate of his hands couldn't meet demands
expectations will only make you cry

inferior rot clemency was lost
as the dawn of male supremacy climbed
she couldn't account for indiscretion drowned
flanked by a wild tendency to fly

few listen to a mind gone missing
the door was open but he wouldn't leave
I'm in love with the way he wanted to stay
stoic smile from an angry child
kissing our future goodbye

i left in the dark and boarded an ark
last of nobility sank in vulnerability
lest i forget all of his regret, lack of emotional versatility
cleansed by impurity of blackened eyes
scanning mistakes in unchangeable fate
i couldn't help but just ask why
he was only looking forward to the day he'd die

(C) Jessica Robbins

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