Monday, May 31, 2010

I woke up, in a jungle tree
Heard a trail of faint screams
He ignored the lunacy
His focus fell graciously
Upon the better woman in me
He looked down, all deliciously
Threw a dandelion smile on me
His thoughts were bold
But he eyed my soul so innocently
Like a harmless, gentle stream
Trickling, he was restless in-between
Awake and sleep
and he knows, I like to dream
The mecca where
His thoughts become deeds

We were love bird fish
flying ever amiss
Circling infinity, our happiness was made
mirror of each other's bliss
In a moment, a simple exchange
Right beside me, was a hissy snake
The temptation stenciled on his face
No, no baby don't hesitate
If we wait, it will be too late
The branches of fate
were twisted like braids
held me in a boa daze
I was lost in his aqua kitty gaze
The only wrong mistake
is ever leaving this place
I wanted him to squeeze me
And cradle me raw
But now I’m just thankful for all I saw

Jessica Robbins (c) 2010

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