Sunday, May 30, 2010

I feel like a child sometimes
still fresh and helpless
struggling to find play time
and stay selfless
the world is pouring with the selfish
mercy me, sucking down flesh
they probably won’t get this
and I can't explain why
I feel like his night time mistress

our dreams have no laws or lines
I see other lives running on a redeye
he was there, it was so divine
but now and then, he lies
I tried to love him but he said
“no, little girl, it’s fine
don't you know, what yours is only mine
that's how my greed rolls
if you love me just leave me alone
can’t you see girl?
It's a one man show
And I'm owned by
a messed up money home
My wife’s bitching down my throat
and I’m using you as a scapegoat
I’m high on self-glory and gloat
and I don’t give a fuck
if you and the baby go broke
so if you love me, let me know
and just leave me alone
God knows I’m flying on ego
and I have to let you go
if you love me, if you love me
just fuck off and leave me alone.”

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