Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mermaid's Magic Flower

I annihilated the happiness
It splintered and shattered like glass
A surface broken by the toss of a pearl
Useless wisdom of the world
Hiding heaven’s irreparable theatrics
Deer in fields of present and past

I pleaded with the angel of young girls
To cut my life in half
Displaced mericless hysteria
at last
unpleasing morbid years
How the grayness does swirl
As the solitude gouges and sears, unadorned

No telling laughs, no irony or sass
Abstaining from cookies
Even shorter on cash
Robbed of all joys that conjure childhood
Outgrown but not lost
to the faintness of the past
Once I wore a smile
but those days were too good to last

Just a lonely piece of drift wood
wading in jellyfish feathers
frowning coral
stinging unseasonable weather
loss of all moral
salt in my only soft spot, spots of heather
His eyes, loud rainy eyes of God’s mystery
An undesirable heart blotted by a muse

His drops of flesh, I never knew
But the true power of humility lies here
For like the truth
I could no sooner refuse, only endear
The dearness of his curious stained soul
Gridded and magnetized, pole by pole

In a young dreamer’s look
He drank the wine of old
until we were infused, bound like a book
Two pages representing the whole
Health in sick droll

We were but stray sea kelp really
I merely drifted into him
terrified and confused
soaked up his reluctant help
So many dream side lessons
it was here I experienced true wealth

He learned and urged me to reclaim happiness
Happiness once deemed unlawful
Cast away by first impressions

Some only seeing the awful
So missing goes the hidden beauty mark
Like those alien sailing stars
Floating above dawn chasing fishermen
Manned with clear lines
And a single hook of spark

Steered by limited confessions
On a limitless sea of rolling luck
There he trolled in my doleful innocence
He must have seen it all along
Like an invisible rose
A mermaid’s magic flower
Scentless, but armed with a song

(C) 2010 Jessica Robbins
Peace, blessings, and unconditional love & understanding to all. :)

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