Thursday, March 18, 2010

My mind shall set me free
When sense affords such luxury
Fragile nerves like broken brains
Weepy heart, death conquered you
Before it came for me

Seeping in the smell of flowers
Even the boldest of bees are few
Never dreamed to buzz
Closer, closer to me
now I'm further, further from you

Half used and wholly abused
Yet never gone to waste
The emptiness I further refuse
but it never says no to me
An old ragged heart is all I have to lose
Once the mind can no longer be used
Some lives are destined for disaster
They say it strikes in threes
Slave to a wicked master
Consumerism won’t let the others be
anymore than you denied the love in me

The mind links the chains of destiny faster
When there are fewer demands than needs
then the personal lists heeds

for ages of angst and teary sighs
i thought I needed a twin soul
Aquarians in crime
but the God in him said no

perhaps I was not as becoming or furl
as the ritual of bouncing into bed
with forgettable girls

When your title is worn
By the judgment of this world
humbleness strikes me
Fanning condemnation behind a friendly face
Slave and master presume in uncaring haste
no man shall ever stay long enough
to master the meekness of me

Another unspoken angel psalm
Held in quiet distaste
loudly, he dismissed the love for common lust
Reserving all judgment until the mind is calm
when one night stands stop being enough
the scales of the body ash to dust
finding love without grace
just a naked sun in my palm
With only one soul to waste

(c) Jessica Robbins 2010

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