Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am going to abstain from text messaging for an entire year and communicate strictly by means of advanced telepathy. Any man truly worthy of exchanging ideas or love will be able to channel messages directly into my soul and fly into my sleep and seduce me via telepathic dreaming and strategic astral rendezvous. After I have succeeded in wooing even the gayest of men in the dream realm by flaunting my phallic masculine side, then I shall reenter the modernistic nightmare of hyper technological socialization, fully integrated and further educated in the divinatory arts. The risen savior is the perfect combination of masculine and feminine energies, therefore I denounce the appearance of my womanhood and all of my carnal desires; text, virtual, sexual, nutritional or otherwise, and seek only to embrace and honor and love the unity and delicate differences within and of each soul. Being attached to gender, even your own, detracts progress.
A book will be written about these experiences. I will call the book “A Year of Crashing Computers in Favor of Collectively Manifesting the Second Coming of Christ." The book will be encoded with subliminal messages that will summon all of the Atlantean incarnates to meet secretly at bus stops and subway stations across America, and then by using only crystals and telepathy, we will brainwash all of the members of congress and convince president Obama to disband the government. After Obama has stepped down, the former Atlantean leaders will assume a non-profit peaceful assembly (because let’s face it, the Government agencies, police especially are not non-profit) and the Atlanteans will implement new educational strategies aimed at training and educating our children about self-regenerative healing powers and the seven internal spiritual centers so that they may eliminate the need for any type of insurance, outside health care, and deceptive religions. Once the people see they are capable of healing any ailment by invoking the power of the Christ within, they will stop going to doctors and stop believing they are sick at all. They must stop believing in death, death is what grants power to the medical fields, the terrorists, religions, and the like.

After the healing arts have been handed down and people begin to see past the veils of death, then we will proceeds to restore the Mayan and Atlantean systems of time, study, and fair trade. The only way to rid the earth of corruption is to destroy the need for money, and if we engage in more cooperative trading of goods and services rather than taxing and inflating the value of material, land, and gas to satisfy greed, humanity as a whole, may be salvageable because they will return to life under the Law of One. Under the law of one, everyone will love one another as he has loved thee and all debts will be forgiven. It is God’s will that all debts be erased and the only way to bring about a new Earth is to treat all human beings as new life and forgive all of the bad financial judgment. After people stop believing they are owed and entitled to something due to previous debt, they will seek other ways of healthy self-sustainment, which will include greater emphasis on the artistic, literary fields, and organic farming; most crafts of which are free of restraints, conditions, and demands. Because so many women will no longer be working in government and law branches, they will explore sewing their own clothes, shoes, and making homemade beauty products. This will substantially reduce the need for income and spending. They will be encouraged to trade clothes and shoes for food grown by the organic farmers. This will also play a vital role in helping to curb obesity. Lincoln had the power to abolish slavery, we too have the power to abolish unnecessary desires because we are all slaves to our desires.

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