Saturday, September 5, 2009

I was sewing myself a gold dress
tied up in bows of black lies
but got bored with the fabricated mess
as the beam was dislodged from my eye
I composed another suicide poem
better than stabbing myself in the heart
the sewing needle imploded
i have been marked, i have been marked

Gabriel took a soulful stroll
i followed the trail of his voice
as the climate of a dream unrolled
like a spool of blue ribbon
natural selection is God's choice
a planet sewn on the hem of new linen
resting under an over starched blouse
moths have grown too comfortable in the house
batted brown, uniform flight
wings slap the shade of the lamp light
restless eyeballs roll deeper into the night
green begotten gilded guts
i reached for a book and squashed that bug

no more fluttering around a false flame
fanned and poised, feathers of a lark
swayed by euphoria, crucified in fast fame
I have been marked, I have been marked

(C) Jessica Robbins

1 comment:

  1. Awesome
    Felt dark and soft and sleep inviting.
    Rock on!