Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saint Mary

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Happy Mary Magdalene Feast Day! (July 22) Naturally there is a very powerful solar eclipse taking place today! This is a wonderful point on the calendar to send healing thoughts out to humanity and pray for God's will to filter through the minds of men and women alike.

This past year has brought many different lessons and blessings, as well as much needed introspection and self-appreciation. If you don't value yourself, who will? If you truly know yourself, you will know the holy woman! Now in honor of our Lady Mary, I am going to include a few of my favorite verses from the Magdalene gnostic gospel.

"I tell you, there is a superior intelligence that shall come to those who wait upon the Spirit of the Lord. It is like thunder and lightning, and it will illuminate you."

"Where there is peace, God's Spirit abides. Therefore, make peace and you will know great joy."

"Your destiny is with Christ in God."

"It is with passion that one must cleave, and all passions must be cleaving. Then you will experience perfection of cleaving which is divine rapture."

"Many are the apostles the Lord has sent, and they are rays of light flowing out of the spiritual sun. Many are the apostles the Bride shall send, and they are flames leaping out of her. If you receive one of the apostles, you receive one from the Pleroma of Light. Woe to them who reject the apostles of light for they have rejected their own soul!"

"Come, let us go in. The righteous are those who live inwardly in the presence of the Savior."

"If you desire to be free, set others free. Be forgiving and you will be forgiven."

"To fear death is to fear life and those that fear death are not alive. It is for this reason they fear death--they fear to know who and what they are!"

"If the truth is in you but you do not speak it, how can you be true? When will your perfection come?"

"The essence of the light is transparent, it is the holy virgin; when you become transparent, you will be united with her and attain the perfection of your freedom."

"Do not make a home for yourselves in the world, but be at home in the Spirit!"

"In the Holy Spirit, you will be empowered to discern, for she is discerning awareness."

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