Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ok here's the deal. On paper--I have 15 organized tracks in rough draft listing, formatted for this epically innovative album.... an album that's been a few years in the making and mostly nurtured and thriving in the dream stages for a long while now. I have arranged, rehearsed, and recorded the majority of these songs to some extent--acapella, just to establish how it is supposed to flow in theory.

I frequently hear songs and music in the dreams and I wake up and record them exactly how I hear theses ideas fed to me. (Waste not, want not.) Then for good measure, I google the song idea to make sure it's never been done before. Every song I hear in the dreams usually turns out to be original material. Which is good news for me and those smart & insightful souls who end up taking a chance on working with me and manifesting this totally unique project!!

I know as of now, it's still a far fetched and as Aquarius "out there" as it gets, but that's a good thing!! You have to start somewhere and I'd rather do it this way and gradually build the music around it than rush into something and have it sound like forgettable crap!! So hence, I have been taking my sweet ass time in the early developmental stages of the creative process. At least I will be prepared.

Now realistically projecting this, I just have to match the notes and find a group of HONEST people who see the same dream I have for this project & are willing and TRUSTWORTHY enough to help me bring it to life. Notice the key words being HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY. (Easier said than done as I have learned in the past.) Anyway it's a start, I have put in a fair portion of the work thus far and have a solid foundation for a really outstanding album.

If I end up having to doing the whole damn thing by myself, then so be it, but I'm going to do it the right way or die trying.

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