Monday, January 25, 2010

Betrothed to blackness
A striking face
Blended in a subtle sky
Distance comes with age
Married to emptiness
The color of her cries
Caper Groom, average fish
Swims only to be released
A simple man with unquenchable dreams

As the ink dries
The tattoo finally fades
rotting February night
promises made with grenades
Forever never meant to persist
The children go on strike
Hostages to bitterness
The lights turn off in their eyes

Homes come and go
Cloaked in paternal posh
Still a plan, i know
Flayed out and gutted in sobs
Accessory to falseness
Mommy's obsessed with money and loss
A bride turned stiff
aging only for her own
Fretting in engendered fear
She’d end up all alone

Any day he will leave
Fourteen hours from now
Control will seem free
Daddy’s moving out
Say farewell to solidarity
The split rail rain
Forsaking all clarity
Untaken book of last names
Changeable destiny
On a river of saints
He is floundering
Unlived and unused
8 bedroom house
Held a picture or two
But never a real vow

(c) 2010 Jessica Robbins

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