Saturday, January 2, 2010

Behold I have seen the Christ
his dearest servants come unto me
one by mind and two bibulous dream spice
we wrote and read labors of birth
readily denounced the earth
wished on shiny pennies
thoughts of back and fourth
finding abounding sense in the name of the Lord
I pray before I purge, i pray before I purge

never seeking sustenance
in the shadows of the birds
lest I never eat
only feeding on His word
the mystery of mustard seeds
planted in fables of the meek
hidden deep in darkness, low
germination galore, let the spirit grow
hidden by winter weeks
until the light summons the leaves
roots reminding of above and beneath
the same soil, different feet

I heard the master condemn carnal greed
the desire that tempts hate to breed
we knew not this hate, not we
but promoted the joyfulness of all good deeds
spilling our sorrows
no more promises of life to borrow
for all has been fulfilled
like a wand of waving truth
May the peace be entirely unto you

I see not what the world would see
dancing around a dying Christmas tree
a faithful servant come to serve
as He
offering no more than a single dance to me
by and by we sailed the dream

bid hello to the magical elf
who whispered before he flew from the shelf
we can offer no more than self
for self is sin
let all be lifted unto Him
Leader of peace, Children of Men
the wonders never cease
when you become a protector of peace

(C) 2010 Jessica Robbins Happy New Year!!!!!

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