Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rather than write today, I pulled a few Edgar Cayce interpreted dream symbols that have been broadcast frequently in my sleep.

Bath 1. cleansing and freeing from old ideas (900-189). 2. a cleansing and strengthening of the outer self, which should not be confused with the inner strengthening that comes from God (900-110)

Boat in a dream-- the voyage of life (136-41)
a forthcoming trip (136-67).
a message about spiritual truth to be carried abroad (900-267, A-4).
ferryboat separating from a pier-a voyage into the afterlife, the separation into a new realm (900-370).
Other possibilities: 1. having common problems or challenges as those other people depicted in the boat (i.e., "in the same boat"). 2. an adventure. 3. beginning to explore the unconscious mind. 4. an opportunity

Flying --l.mastering physical laws and overcoming them wakening to higher, fourth-dimensional understanding (900-159, A-4). 2. traveling to be done in the waking state (2310-2). Other possibilities: 1. astral travel or precursor to becoming lucid in a dream. 2. desire to avoid something. 3. desire to rise above things. 4. idealism. 5. fantasy or wishful thinking.

Glasses (for eyes) that which enhances compre- hension (538 -19, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. clear-sightedness. 2. mind-set (e.g., "rose-colored glasses"). 3. something, which aids inner vision.

Gold fabric-- truths being shown (137-35)

Hair---1. reasoning process (137-41, A-2). 2. thought (136-7, A-4; 900-99, A-4). 3. knowledge (900-156, A-3). Other possibilities: physical or spiritual strength

Horse---- 1. the messenger (294-136; 262-15,137-89). 2. the message and the messenger (900-98; 900-336). 3. the nature of the message may be represented in the kind of horse (e.g., a charger, a slow workhorse, a race horse, etc.) (294-85). Other possibilities: 1. making progress. 2. unbridled emotions. 3. Instincts.

Hugging---your loving and caring nature. You are holding someone or something close to your heart. Acceptance and understanding of the person you are embracing

Key--- 1. the conscious knowledge necessary to understand more of the Universal Laws (i.e., the "lock" represents the mysteries of living things in a material world) (900-84). 2. safety or that which provides safety (137-99, A-2). 3. the solution or answer to a situation (900-280, A-1).

King ---1. the attainment of a high goal (900-261, A-7). 2. help, assistance, and aid that can come from beyond oneself (900-208, A-5). Other possibilities: 1. your own father. 2. what you are ruled by. 3. God. 4. the dominant idea in your mind. 5. the side of yourself you consider most majestic.

Letter--- 1. information which comes (900-242). 2. messages of truth (538-19, A-1). Other possibilities: 1. a realization. 2. telepathic contact.

Mountain---1. reaching higher and higher in mental development (262-64). 2. a place from which there is a more perfect understanding of the physical world (341-15). 3. a place where an understanding of truth is gained (900-34). 4. gaining the full height or the full concept of a matter (900-305). 5. the rise to the spiritual forces

Police--- 1. the law, especially universal or spiritual laws (136-29, A-6). 2. that which tries to bring disorder under control (136-18, A-3). 3. uniformed- spiritual law, plainclothes policeman-laws as interpreted from just a human level, God's laws (900-115, A-1; 900-220, A-3). Other possibilities: 1. inhibitions. 2. conscience. 3. higher, protective forces. 4. karmic law.

Servant--- the reminder to be of service (i.e., as in" He who would be greatest or master must be servant to all") (900-231, A-1). Other possibilities: those qualities in self that are fully under control and able to be purposefully directed.

Shoes--- an individual's foundation (106-6). Other possibilities: 1. basic principles. 2. protection from physical life. 3. sole of shoes-pun on the word "soul. " 4. a person's role in life or identity (e.g., "to be in his shoes").

Snake--- 1. the wisdom of all things (294-136). 2. temptations (294-136). 3. that which threatens harm (294-159). 4. those who would harm in an under- handed manner (900-81). 5. monstrous and hissing - self's own condemnation of self (900-217). Other possibilities: 1. kundalini, pure creative energy. 2. self-transcendence (i.e., sheds its own skin). 3. paradox (e.g., good evil, wisdom temptation).

Swim ---1. submerged in or attuned to universal forces (136-54, A-4). 2. making headway in some endeavor (900-79, A-9)

Telephone --1. a way of gaining information (900-128, A-1). 2. a coming message (136-24, A-9). Other possibilities: 1. communicating with others. 2. telepathy. 3. one's own Intuition.

Temple --1. assistance in understanding one's own spiritual welfare (900-85). 2. past-life memory of an incarnation working in a temple (172-3). 3. the spiritual forces that come into play with the conscious mind in studying any subject (136-8).

Water ---1. the mother of all living organisms (538-16). 2. the source of physical creation; Mother Sea (538-14). 3. the cleansing force as one moves from one experience to another (I 36-83). 4. the mother of life (136-83). 5. the source of life and understanding (294-136). 6. the beginning or source of all forces (136-54). 7. life or the living way (294-15). 8. the source of life and understanding (294-136). 9. clear water-clearness of understanding, purity of purpose (294-159). 10. dirty meter-imperfect understanding and knowledge (137-28). 11. the water of Life as found in Christ (294-50). 12. the first element of life (900-109). Other possibilities: 1. feelings, moods, and desires. 2. need for more water to be drunk. 3. the soul. 4. the unconscious. 5. the realm of the feminine. 6. birth and/or death.

Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions. -Edgar Cayce

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