Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Dreamer's Demise

green corner room
covered in corners of light
incapacitated saliva sight
searching the syntonic night
No sign of redemptive sunrise
at last count
only four stars left in the sky
the stillness applies
even if I'm right
still be subject to the smite
so be still and listen as I recite
the diary of a dreamer's demise

waking up so hard on foggy green eyes
after watching the angry dead man cry
tried to help me
but syzygy was prescribed
here only equals confide
stomach turned in on the outside
aching, forsaking
cooking white while sex is baking
she left me loved and shaking
then I heard her begging
not to let her go on waking
never waking
keep on soul relating

supernatural lion never tamed
another beast public opinion had hanged
baby don't look at me that way
our fingerprints match up the same
identical cognitive flame
is growing is growing
the tracks and skin holes are showing
grin and bare with nothing to hide
flew to heaven and got further denied
more than plenty hell resting inside
raw and eaten, no more sweet goodbyes
in you, my shame will finally subside

reality is greener deception, juicy fairytale lies
no one knows her
but they know all his lies
fairytale lies

now or never, it's time to decide
when i come back in the night
don't you be surprised
had my hand in a dreamer's demise

when I'm with her i taste the elation
increments prolonging astral gestation
frolicker in time cessation
i wormed a hole and scratched the cat's paw
can't expect she'll ever shake what she saw
she is happy alive and I'm not
God is a lost law
so broken, win, lose, or draw
there will be no more betting
destiny is the same as forgetting
slow forgetting

expectation buried what you're expecting
as the blue moon starts sinking
your smile is setting
lost is the way of lovers amending
I've ended the story so many times
that time is extending
self-incarcerated, clawing my demise

I'm high when i suffer
when the suffering is lending
God spare me another
lonesome beginning
peace is about pretending
we're all pretending
to look the other way
white collar social desecrate
never salvage blue drops of today

hold my hand and we'll drink it away
find more comfort in a liquid pain
diving deep in a dreamer's haze
all the kissing will drive you creepy insane
sugar dreams are heavily laced
and now i know
the afterlife is not a phase
only here does excellence invade
by tomorrow we will integrate

all the playful hinting
selfish love is tempting
but it left with me
where I take you is the end of beginnings
suicide is not an ending
recipe for death consenting
sinner's hands are bloody
from cutting the cutting
it all amounts to something
I'm holy repenting
pray evil is lessening
royalties forbade forgiving
the demons of karma are unrelenting
jars of secrets and slow kissing
slow kissing
just fall asleep, there will be no more missing
where i take you is the end of beginnings
the end of beginnings

(C) Jessica Robbins

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