Friday, November 13, 2009

Reading the bible cured me from whatever I was melting down infusion overload. My birthday is Febraury 9th. I am at the end of a major soul cycle, that’s why I am further along in development than some, I just have to hold it together for this last life! Usually, I am more than okay with this and don’t try to draw attention to myself, everyone else has problems far graver than mine, I am sure, but on November 9th I began over thinking that I have three months left until the stars wave the magic wand over me. My heart nerves were already in a fragile state, for a number of reasons, so the volcano Jessica began to shoot ash into the sky once again! I’ll put it this way...anytime I meet a cool guy, a man I instantly love who speaks the same language as I do...the Jesus, Atlantean language a rule... he usually lives in another city, far across this messed up, and unfair place of an earth. Something along those lines just happened to me, he lives 5 hours away and I may never see him again!

Anyway, I want to talk about the scripture that graced me with a bit of sense. I was causally flipping through television channels and stopped on one of the church stations. Curious how the spirit influences other people, I stopped and really listened to what the preacher was saying. He mentioned 1 Corinthians chapter 13. I ran upstairs, yanked my bible off the shelf, but didn’t have to search hard to reach my destination. There was already a book mark I had left inside of Corinthians, accented by doodle markings made only a year ago, just waiting patiently to give me a refresher course. I read chapters 13-15 Some of the passage talks about having love with wisdom, patience with’s basically Shakespearean in the love sense and says that all the wisdom in the worth is worthless if you do not have love.

The other idea contained in these chapters is in regards to spiritual gifts. This is basically what I was looking for. With the exception of Paul’s totally sexist perspective, the idea to nurture and share any form of spiritual gifts is highlighted. Suddenly, I felt much better with the telepathy and then I went on to receive a few important dream messages. One message was telling me that the boy who lives five hours away...wants to come back down and see me again. The other scene was of a different man, whom I admire dearly, writing me a letter. (cannot elaborate, it was a nice letter.) The final portion of the dream was about the song I have included below. When I was 10, I was a very competitive synchronized swimmer. I performed until around the age of 15, when I abandoned the sport in favor of speed swimming. Yet, the year I was 10 was one of the greatest years of my life...because the routine I choreographed was set to this song. I still see myself practicing and preforming this particular routine and hear the song in my sleep! Last night, I heard it loud and clear and am very thankful to Gabriel for sending the dream because it goes right along with the chapters in Corinthians. Read the chapters 1 Corinthians 13-15 if you feel compelled to do so, it helped me immeasurably yesterday! Enjoy the song and have a blessed day!

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