Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where is this place?

i had a life
it was a story book
but i wrote it away
in search of justice
in place of love

i had a way
it was practical
now the cat, fucking radical
is chewing on my dreams
at least one of us is eating
horrific feline, Siamese obscene
gnawing and clawing
on a tablet
bound by black seams

i had a face
it was hard to see
appropriated epiphany
wasted scratch
Cabernet splash
the spirit itched
as the flesh
gave way
rotted core
by the time i forgave

i had it bad
good insane
welcome to
my mistakes
misty mind
cell desecrate
i won't look
the other way
while the angels arrange
justice in place

i had a cut
slit the right way
the doctor sewed me shut
can't heal enough
honorific skin
stitched without
scarred within
never a coat to wear again
i loaned it to
a needing friend

i had a wedding
it was typical
black veil
holy veins
purple poison
painstaking sips
that gave honor

i had a plan
topless rays
copper consecrate
sober man
angry face
seduce a tail
then contemplate
delicate skin
that gives honor

i had a home
green shutters
perfect landscape
but it wasn't enough
so I gave it away
and now i know
justice is a place

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