Monday, May 18, 2009

Formless void

No matter how much I pour out my soul
I'm still empty
long way from being whole
no core comes
from a broken mold
how can new roots
ever replace the old
still i grow
yes i grow

grow empty

no matter how much i cry
i still can't cope with this life
hope further denied
gradual darkness resides
in me

formless void no use
so useless i could die
no sanctuary
in getting high
no white flags
in a war torn sky
surrendering only
to the wrong knight
mangled in blindness
the horse looked white

no matter the hope his eyes gave
the light left
now he looks at me with disdain
no learning
from his ways
just a lesson to misbehave
another lesson only made
in confusion wrapped by hate

shame me not
i'm not dead
just empty
i know you can see me
but i bet
you'd never want to be me
i'm not dead
Layne can see me

I'm so empty
so empty
that's why he said he was like me

trade me in
(for your gain)
carve me out
(i'll still feel the same)
echo and hallow
dying out loud
emptiness of now
impression too deep
repression of me
resistance to defeat
predisposed to the grief
a closed heart has forsaken me
yet i'm still open
to being empty

-whatever it's not like my name even matters

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