Sunday, July 8, 2012

Respect is a state of mind and a means of self-worth and the only respect you ever need is the respect from your God and your own lovable self. You never need anyone's respect to serve God to the best of your ability or however you feel called! If you know you are honest and in the right, march straight ahead with a happy heart and God shall surely shine His light on you. ____________________________________________________ Remember, having the respect of other humans is not your fuel or your final reward and it never will be. Attaining the respect of your peers is not a true source of satisfaction. That kind of fulfilment can only come from God's love, from loving others very deeply, and from the cycle of spiritual completetion. You are a part of the puzzle that is being constructed to make the picture of God's love--perfect. Don't let anyone stop your from drawing and expressing your portion of the art! ______________________________________________________ I am here to express something I saw in my dreams that no one else can express except for me. What are the things in your life that only you can express? Your expression is just as relevant, important, and essential as any well-known artist and if anyone tells you otherwise, keep them out of your inner circle. You are not going to get where God wants you to be if you listen to the destructive poison some people try to put into your ears. ____________________________________________________ I am the master of myself and it is not up to anyone else to decide for me how I master myself. The "respect" of this world is no gem or bauble and I do not worry myself mad in trying to win respect from anyone. I have learned this along the way-- the people who truly love you, are going to love and respect you-- unconditionally, no matter what you do or say! The people who have learned the lesson to love deeply because it covers and heals a multitude of sins-- will still love you, respectfully, regardless of what you have ever done or said! This is the foundation of God's love and to be under the law of this love means to learn from it.

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