Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I gave you fleeting looks. and went on the kinds of cringes and binges you despise. as you bent me over once or twice. consumed the liquor. that once poured your vibrant life. before you became the root of all hell. a torment I see and know inside. when your fickle cock starts to swell. like hurricane tides at sun rise. rolling in sounds of sex. squishy but ever serene. like we promised in the dream. that we won’t die to each other. Ever. let death for us be reluctant and shy for we meet again night, by baited night in heaven’s shifty eye. baby how was I to realize the apparition of your love, all mine was my sinister angel in disguise. how can the one who hurts and curdle spite be that same old gloomy ghost I see with oiling eyes? eyes of love, eyes of fate eyes bluer than a frosty lake. this is the man God sent to kiss my fate? this is the man I love so much to hate? then give me such duplicity over and over in one more night of our mistakes. he used to stand tall bore a peculiar bred gall in his marooned skull the hardened place bound by mossy walls but now he slouches like a lark and when he sees me, he bends me stark and lets his filmy white film fall on my holy wet arc The End. xoxox Love, Jessica Leigh (c)

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