Thursday, March 31, 2011

I feel like writing something sad
A funeral, a break up, a memory gone bad
i thought once or twice
about a dream i've never had
and after every god damn tear i shed
still the same unchanged face i'm always looking at

Can you sanctify my hurt?
It's like a razor on the sky
Let's make the damage seem less worse
as the stars bleed for you and I
bullets cut across the earth
And i'm still sitting here alone
cause you couldn't put me first

maybe after a few more laugh lines
another disappointment or two
you'll set aside some time
make room for eternal youth
it's always been right here you know
basking on the vine
lending a certain glow

like an island of old witches
waiting to be discovered
wasted your whimsical wishes
on thoughtless trinkets
and unfurled riches

while the treasure of the lamb
went unattended, unguarded
so is the tragedy
of living life half awake, halfhearted


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