Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I love the smell of clean laundry
the shape of my body
all the mistakes that soon forgot me

but I love your soul more than these
the preciousness of all your gentleness
you moved me from me
in a grasp of destiny
there's no need for names or identity

I never thought
I’d ever find someone
so right for me
but in you I see
I see
what perfect love is meant to be
happy sight, it has to be

when the world was dying
going into that old night
you and I were finding
each other
it felt too right
making up that real life

under the sheets of stars
a world or two away
from lines of grudges and old cars
broken means and painful scars
I never want to leave where you are

you’re the only reality I ever need
a hand that moved me from me
my delicate waiting seed
God must have planted you in me

so let’s grow together angel
grow in love
let the vines get tangled
learn what we thought
we didn’t need to know

every word, every deed
you’re the only reality I ever need
so let us love
let us grow
let us grow

(c) Jessica Robbins

Love letters to a love I cannot hold...


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