Friday, September 24, 2010

I can’t take the sound of my daughter’s cries
the wails that tell me she knows
her mother is dead on the inside
tired of this sleepless ride
so vacant and sore
nowhere left to go, nowhere of worth
I barely survived giving her birth
fragile mind, fickle and forlorn
for sudden death, I still thirst
I’m unfulfilled, my face is underscored
I’m always hungry and scratching on poor
the people of God still come to my door
but they don’t have any sympathy
for an unwed whore

I had a lover, but he doesn’t visit me anymore
I’m beside reason, there’s no motivation left
I’d give anything to just go home and forget
how I am with him in my sleep
how he laughs and plays with me
God comfort me while I grieve
for a helpless love
I’ll never see

yes, yes I pray to forget
there’s only a few shadows of him left
he was everything I hadn’t become yet
I could feel how much he cared
every time our minds met
always got lost in poetic finesse
distance couldn't keep us
or make our souls less
and now knowing I’ll never feel his caress
all I can do
is pray to forget

(c)2010 Jessica Robbins

1 comment:

  1. This is so beautiful...and so sad...I feel your ache.

    Love, A.