Thursday, July 8, 2010

“You cannot see a spirit sign for your eyes are full of carnal self.” And then Jesus speaks of people who had approached him and asked him to fly in order to prove himself the Christ, or to give them material things to purchase their devotion. Some of them said “If you give me this many coins, then I will believe” and Jesus said, “Faith is not something you can buy with coins and faith is not something you can sell for gold. You offer to exchange your faith for signs or riches.”

Spirit signs more often come through dreaming for this is when the soul is still and seeks the hidden path of light. I've heard many times that dreams always reflect yourself, but here again, speak for yourself, for my dreams do not merely contain self matter. If you are full of self, your dreams are much more likely to be self-involved also.
After I embraced my dream self as the real me, the dreams expanded beyond the realm of pettiness and anxiety. While many of the petty souls are awake, they seek personal satisfaction and material and worldly recognition, they seek validation to their ridiculous addictive habits and fruitless ways of life, they even seek others to laugh with them as they condemn others. They seek other people to share their obsessions with. But reception in the spirit is not found in vulgar fulfillment, nor even the appearance of friendship with people who promote the liars and servants of ego and self. It certainly cannot be found on the silver screens or magazine covers of the earth. These are the pages of flesh, these are the harbors where temptation comes to port to restock, and while you are flipping through the pages of flesh, the torch of the spirit is ablaze elsewhere for it cannot burn in your while you are fueling the carnal fires of arrogance and deception.
Some of them say to love life, but for many of them, the life they love is death and if they love this death and glorify that of the seven unclean spirits which brings death, they cannot have true life. I washed their feet, I shared the words of the Savior with them, I confessed all of my shortcomings and sins, I offered to help them cast out the demons, and they rejected me and denied me anyway and instead cast me out of their castle. So shook my foot dust off in the corners of their lands and dreams and walked away with Jesus. He and I accept such excommunication to try to make it on our own rather than endure the status quo or submit to their blind conditions.

I saw a window washer on the outside of a building in the mountains. He washed not the windows for others to see out, nor did he wash so that the light may stream through clearer glass, but he washed the windows so he could spy in on the nudity of the bride as she dressed for her wedding. I ran to the window to speak with him, but startled him so and he slipped and lost his grip on the ledge. He tumbled from the mountains and down to the snow below. I did not laugh at his stumble, but quickly ran down the stairs and into the street to assist him and dust him off and clean his wounds and then invited him inside. Once he was among the bridal party, he became distracted by appliances and fidgeted with other sources of energy rather than seeking the electricity he had within. He became fixated on an outlet, a manmade plastic contraption, and I spoke unto him, “Be not concerned with plugging into the world, but plug into the spiritual union of the bride and groom for what the bride and groom are, you are inside and in inner union is oneness in the Lord.”

“And what I do all men can do.” -Jesus

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